Temperature Senders

Temperature sending units for IntelliDash™

Tech Note:

Temperature sending units can be used to monitor engine coolant temps or oil temps for air cooled engines. Senders are also compatible with transmission and transfer case fluid.
The temperature sender P/N: SEN-TSU-260 is a two wire configuration, typically used on the GM LS-series V8 engine.
In order to achieve a proper ground, the use of thread sealer on temperature senders is not recommended.

100˚F- 400˚F Temperature Sender

100-400 Temp Sender

P/N: SEN-323050

MSRP: $10.00

1/8 NPT with a  1 year manufactures warranty.

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2 Wire Temp Sender

100˚F- 260˚F Temperature Sender

MSRP: $49.95

P/N: SEN-TSU-260

Two wire configuration with necessary connectors supplied. 12 mm threaded sender.  1 year manufactures warranty.


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